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Jewellery Rockingham


Rockingham is known for its spectrum of cultural and creative diversity, which Creations Jewellery has widened even further. Since 1999, the custom-made masterpieces of Creations Jewellery have defined style and celebrated Rockingham’s great engagement stories.

Creations Jewellery and Designers is amongst the best online jewellery stores Rockingham. If you love beautiful jewellery, browse through our enormous collection. We specialise in engagement, wedding and custom-made jewellery. Our selection of jewellery places emphasis on design, creativity, and good craftsmanship. From Luminus Diamonds to Ikecho, from Ania Haie to Bianc, from new brands to renowned names, our online jewellery store offers a constantly rotating collection of spectacular Jewellery. Rather than focusing on short-lived design trends, Creations Jewellery presents products that have the potential to become prized possessions for life and passed down through the generations.

We aim to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our advanced online site, highly experienced staff, and state-of-the-art customer care centre provides customer with:

Huge selection of jewellery
On-time delivery of jewellery
Easy returns on faulty items
We are West Australia’s only supplier of the world famous Astralis Diamonds. Order your favourite piece of jewellery today and live out your dream.