Diamond Advice

 dimond advice

Plucked from the depths of the earth, the diamond is one of man’s most spectacular treasures.

Nature has gifted the diamond with a kaleidoscopic range of dazzling colours, from the almost rare blues, to Australia’s famous pink diamonds.

The white diamond however remains the most popular of them all, having been used for thousands of years as a symbol of love, commitment, power and success.

The hardest substance known to man, a diamond is the perfect gem for day-to-day wear.

Buying a Diamond

The diamond experts at Creations Jewellery & Designers can take the stress and confusion out of selecting the right stone. Creations’ owner Greg Macintyre has for years travelled the world sourcing the finest diamonds that nature has to offer, so there is no one better placed than him to advise you. The value of a diamond is generally comes down to the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat.


The cut of a diamond impacts its intensity and brilliance. It is also the only factor influenced by man. Cutting and polishing a diamond is time-consuming and incredibly complex work. It requires a skilled and experienced hand. The way a diamond sparkles will largely be determined by how well it has been fashioned and cut.


Diamonds are graded from D to Z. Completely colourless, D-class white diamonds are rare and incredibly expensive.  Any colours beyond Z are referred to as fancy colour diamonds. This includes rare stones in pinks, yellows and blues. These diamonds are often among the most expensive of them all and have become an increasingly popular choice in recent years.


A flawless diamond has no inclusions. Fewer than 1% of diamonds fall into this category, making them incredibly rare. The fewer inclusions that can be identified through 10x magnification, the more costly the stone is. Inclusions may include minor cracks, bubbles or non-diamond deposits. Don’t forget though, even a flawed diamond can look dazzling. Tiny fingerprints or inclusions can give a stone unique character, so don’t dismiss a flawed diamond!  


Carat weight is used to determine the weight of a diamond.