Silver Jewellery Perth

Creations Jewellery and Designers Brings Contemporary Silver Jewellery Perth


Silver has its own glorious history. It dates back to the Egyptian civilisation where people used to value silver above even gold because it was rarer in their region. From the times of Christopher Columbus, people discovered new sources of silver in different places like Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. From then on, silver has become a prized possession of every household. After 19th century, the production of silver has increased dramatically.


Creations Jewellery and Designers has brought silver jewellery Perth with great design, contemporary look and affordable price. We have something for you for any and every occasion. We offer bold, unique and timeless designs in rings, necklaces or earrings that complete the stylish and confident look in you and evoke attention.


Pure silver is bright white and very reflective. But it is soft and prone to scratching. So silver is alloyed with harder metals like copper in most of the times to improve its durability. This is called Sterling silver which preserves the colour and lustre of pure silver but makes it more hardwearing.


We make silver jewellery Perth with sterling silver decorated with gemstones or stones. Oxidisation on sterling silver gives it a vintage look. We provide our customers with the most ethical silver in the industry. Oxidised sterling silver lends itself to fantastic creativity, which shows in our silver jewellery Perth collections.

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