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Pearls can do magic to your choice of jewellery. This organic gem emerges from the oyster and has an unparalleled radiance. Pearl graders assess each pearl individually, scrutinise each one by lustre, complexion, shape, colour and size. Creations Jewellery and Designers ensures the most remarkable pearls as we handpick the gem with rigorous grading techniques keeping in mind the quality standards.


We offer stunning originality in pearl rings Perth, pearl earrings Perth and pearl necklace Perth. Our artisan jewellers combine technique and innovation to commit fresh designs, be it pearl rings Perth or pearl necklace Perth.


Different types of Pearls

Australian South Sea Pearl : The perfect marine environment and the modern grading techniques produce this finest quality pearl. It has a natural lustre.

Keshi Pearl: Its irregular shape and bright lustre give birth to the most innovative designs.

Tahitian Pearl: This type has a range of vibrant hues. They are formed from the black lip oyster and have colours ranging from greens, silvers, purple and rose.

Freshwater Pearl: These pearls are grown in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds predominantly in China. Small and irregularly shaped freshwater pearls evolve through natural means in a spectrum of colours.


At Creations Jewellery and Designers, we maintain full control over production. We ensure responsible sourcing of pearls in the crafting process. We use the treasured gem with infinite possibilities. Therefore, we believe in the ever-changing world of art and culture to bring the finest pearl rings Perth, pearl earrings Perth and pearl necklace Perth.

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